About Us

Our vision

  • To be the first choice of IT partner for our present and future customers.
  • To be recognised as a leader in the IT support services field.
  • To build on our strengths and grow our reach and capacity.

Our mission

  • To ensure that our clients are guaranteed ever-present services that enable them to focus on their core business.
  • To guarantee the highest quality of workmanship and service that will add value to any organisation.


We set out to provide efficient and cost-effective customer service. By attending to non-core services, we free up our customers to concentrate on what is most important to them. By managing essential IT services that are crucial to business growth and implementing solutions that will add value, we are positioned to achieve our goal of providing essential technology services to small business in the Western Cape region.

Business principles

Mantella is black-owned and operated, and our success has been grounded in our core value - caring about people. Whether you are a customer, an employee or a member of a community in which we operate, we take pride in our work and how it affects people inside and outside of Mantella.

We strive to adhere to our core values at all times:

  • Strong customer, partner, supplier and community relationships
  • Integrity
  • Fact-based decision-making and honest assessments
  • Action, not reaction
  • Innovation
  • Productivity
  • Performance and recognition
  • Teamwork

These values form the cornerstone of our business.

Our people

Mantella's high-performance culture is driven by its founding member, Germaine Brinkhuis, and continues to inform the efforts of every new employee. Each fresh opportunity and project is taken on with the same enthusiasm and pride - our passion is simply infectious.

How we work

By providing strategic consulting services, our technical team is able to empower customers to manage their IT infrastructure from a business perspective. We know there is no point implementing solutions that cannot be aligned with business goals and objectives, which is why we make sure all infrastructure - no matter how complex, heterogeneous or decentralised - is essential and adds value. Helping our customers to keep up with pace-setting technology and make the right choices is are core focus.

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