Q: If my systems are down how long will you take to get it up and running, without it affecting my business hours? Is there some sort of back-up?

A: We can log into your Computer/Laptop remotely to see how we can solve the problem at no cost, but if this doesn’t work then we will send a technician out as an additional cost.

Q: Does your company do call outs for hardware and software faults (if the customer is not bulk purchasing)?

A: Yes, we are a managed service provider (MSP) so we service any customers in need of our services.

Q: Do you have a presence in all regions?

A: Yes, we do have a presence in all of the major cities in the provinces.

Q: How much will installations cost?

A:  A pre-sales solution architect will do a complete site visit and then provide a quote.

Q: Should I install CAT5E, CAT6A or Fibre?

A: This will depend on the site visit that has been done by the pre-sales solution architect.

Q: Are your installers brand specific trained?

A: Yes they are.