Managed Services

MANAGED Services

We are growing Mantella IT Support Services into the Ultimate Managed Services Provider (MSP). Currently, we provide Information Communications Technology (ICT), compromising of network cabling and establishing a data centre, as just two examples; along with Unified Network Services (UNS), involving all switching, routing, and telephony; enterprise services, which is the provision of a server and storage capabilities; along with software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) – essentially all company’s WIFI and cloud-based requirements, end-to-end.

More is in the pipeline, too, with an app that is currently in development that ties in with our beliefs in being able to offer a “bundle approach”. A simplified example of what this means: when you buy a laptop from Mantella IT Support Services, we will offer you the necessary anti-virus package, a laptop bag and Office 365 as a bundle – all linked to our systems so that, when you need an upgrade or your license is about to expire, we will know to give you a call.

National Call Centre

Client fault calls to Mantella IT Support Services are routed through a central and dedicated service desk in Cape Town, with a representative on hand in each region. Our call-logging system can be designed on the basis of IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) methodology, a framework of best practice, which has been integrated with our engineers’ personal digital assistants (PDAs) in a striving for accurate response times and service level delivery.

Clients can also view the status of their fault calls, on a 24-hour bases, on our website.

remote management

Ever watched someone installing software or managing an activity on your device from a remote location? This is referred to as remote management, a service we provide which has proved of incredible value since the COVID- 19 pandemic struck and many people were working at a distance from their IT support.


Web hosting refers to a host allocating space on a web server for your all-important files, in exchange for a small fee – and, of course, to ensure that the files are available for your optimal online viewing by any visiting party. All that remains is to discuss the amount of space your website needs, which will dictate the type of hosting best suited to it.

Managed print services

The printer always goes down when you’re on a deadline, right? With our managed print services, we’ll carry out a needs assessment, general replacement of hardware, take a look at the service, and supply parts needed to operate the new and / or existing hardware to best effect. We’ll also ensure you order paper and toner so that you have no down time.

Desktop & Mobile Computing

This is the use of any tabletop device, such as a personal computer (PC), laptop or hand-held tablet, to connect to an office network. The devices referred to here may be portable (mobile) or set up for use only at a set place – such as your desk at home or in the office at work.

cloud, saas & enterprise

Our team has set about growing the business into the ultimate managed services provider (MSP) so that all possible ICT services are provided to clients employing a “bundle approach”. Safe storage of your data and the accessibility of it from just about anywhere. All your requirements are met in a compatible, reliable, scalable, secure and high-performance manner.

Rental Solutions

Renting, rather than buying, is a clever and cost-saving solution for many small- to medium-sized organisations. But this is an approach that demands an honest conversation between business owners and suppliers, let’s start a conversation!


We are equipped to make provision for all your software requirements, such as the instructions, data, applications, scripts and programs that both operate your computer or laptop, and which help it to execute specific tasks in the best possible way.


Threats to IT security can come in a variety of forms, from malware, ransomware and spyware, to viruses that are unleashed with the intent of infecting your network devices. Please chat with us to find out more about how to avoid being operationally compromised in this way.

automated workforce

For an MSP to be effective, every cog in the wheel should form part of its overarching automation. At Mantella IT, we install, support, monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure for you, so that everything is proactively linked in this very manner.


Our range of IT support services run along with the full gamut of consulting, proposing, approving, installing, configuring, maintaining and supporting. IT service management is not just about technology – it touches on people, processes and tools to work as it should.