Systems Integration

Systems integration

We pride ourselves on offering our clients a turnkey service whereby all the different sub-components of an IT system can be joined together into a single larger system, in a process called Systems Integration. The beauty of this way of working is that it enables all systems, services and software packages to talk to each other and work seamlessly in combination, improving productivity at a business and, in turn, boosting the quality of services and operations for the benefit of clients. In the process, the flow of information is more rapid and operational costs are reduced – not just for our clients, but also for the third parties with which these clients do business.
System Integration

System Integration is the process of joining up all of an organisation’s IT systems, technologies, applications and software packages so that these tools can function as a single infrastructure. Investment in systems integration has been increasing rapidly among astute business operations, as owners and managers realise that having a centralised IT network aids productivity, boosts efficiency and confers value to the end customer.

ICT Consulting

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is a specialist form of Information Technology (IT) that refers to software development, mobile devices, cloud computing, data centres, cybersecurity, research network and the necessary technical support. When you employ Mantella IT in this regard, we will advise on the design, structure and efficiency of your ICT systems by producing business needs assessments and developing information systems to meet the immediate objectives of your organisation and/or its projects.

Business Process Outsourcing

Recent research shows the frequency of small businesses outsourcing more technical business tasks – from accounting (37%) to IT (37%) and digital marketing (34%). Benefits include the financial (perform a task at lower cost); improved flexibility (react more nimbly to changing market dynamics); competitive advantage (focus on what distinguishes a company); and innovation (Mantella being clued up on advances in speed, cost and/or quality to put their clients ahead).

ICT Advisory and Innovation

Mantella has successfully helped our clients craft bespoke technology that leads to winning strategies. In doing so, we empower entrepreneurs and top management with the tools they need to make the right decisions and help them find solutions to structural challenges. Consult with us about how to go about engineering your success.


We provide your business with all the IT resources you need. If you have a particular project that involves resourcing, we will happily source everything required at an affordable price. We will match your needs with the right equipment to do the job and will also provide the training and maintenance that is needed to keep these resources running optimally.

Systems Audit Optimisation

Allow us to scale an audit to your needs. We can assess everything from a single server right up to your entire IT infrastructure. Our expertise and experience enable us to identify areas in your system where improvements can be made. By mutual agreement, we’ll help you decide what changes are required to improve your IT system’s performance and reliability.

Systems Development

At Mantella, systems development is one of our passions. We believe it is both an art and a science; by determining your unique requirements, we then collaborate with you to test and develop an IT system that meets your company’s specific needs. Often, this process will involve developing customised systems and employing tailored software that will give your business the edge to succeed.

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