Unified Network Solutions


If your business is growing and you’re wondering how to ensure that your connection to the internet is secure, efficient and reliable, a unified network management system is your solution. Mantella IT Support Services would start by doing a survey of your company building to make sure that all network requirements can be met by the system – from managing guest WIFI in reception, to the corporate system used in the offices and boardroom, plus extra coverage for voice over internet protocol (VoIP), digital signage and security. Instead of adding a new network layer each time you adopt a new technology, it pays to invest in a unified network solution that addresses each of your requirements under one single, yet united set of infrastructure.

IT Managed Services
You wouldn’t want your IT offering to be mismanaged or miscellaneous, so enquire with us as to the Managed Services we can provide. From keeping IT equipment, workstations, infrastructure optimally functional for a fixed monthly fee, to a full suite of options that puts you and your in-house team fully in the competitive driving seat.
Data Communications
Sharing of data and information locally or remotely, such as an email or instant message between two devices. While the detail within data communications can be complex (just leave that up to us!) the basics are similar to a typical communication process. Examples would be a computer connected to Wi-Fi, email being sent and received wirelessly using one or more servers.

Enterprise Networking
This involves the physical, virtual and logistical design of a network, and how the various components collaborate to transmit data. We understand that your needs in terms of routing, switching and wireless differ from those of the next organisation, so we aim to provide software-driven solutions to power intelligent solutions that will put your business ahead of the competition.

Unified Communications & Collaboration
Messaging, voice and video calling / conferencing, team collaboration, file sharing. These all form part of unified communications and collaboration. Systems within the digital workforce are aligned and connected. Putting this sort of system in place within your organisation will break down silos between enterprise teams, provide a higher level of interaction, and remove the need to be in a specific location – which is increasingly a requirement of the current “globally-dispersed workforce”.

Client Contact Centres
Does your business receive a high volume of incoming calls? It could be a plan to investigate us setting up a contact centre for you, which would distribute calls efficiently while keeping customer satisfaction high. At Mantella IT, we have features to offer you such features as interactive voice response which can be put in place to direct a call to the most competent agent for each type of query, referred to as first call resolution. In this way, the diverse skill-sets of each staff member can be effectively accessed.
Physical Security
Just as a cyber threat could wreak havoc with your data, a physical threat to your organisation could rob you of important and expensive assets, from desktop and laptop computers to USB drives, flash drives and other tech equipment. Now that the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) has been passed, you must safeguard the data of your staff and clients. Ways to achieve this include access control via a card, smartphone with an app or biometrics, and ongoing video surveillance of the entry and exit routes of your building. Better safe than sorry!
Network Security
A high priority for any astute business owner should relate to the security they have in place over their data and systems. Potentially via a firewall that acts as a barrier between external sources and their internal network of employees. Over and above protecting your assets and the integrity of your data from the likes of external exploits, your network set-up should also be optimised for efficiency, performance and data sharing between staff and their devices. Do not hesitate to get in touch should you wish to centralise and simplify the working of your network so that security and performance can become two pillars of the same powerhouse system.
Specialised Solutions
If there is one thing you as a business owner loves, it’s the ability to tailor-make your IT solutions for the best effect in your unique organisation.

At Mantella IT, we are fully aware of the challenges of doing business in a country with an unreliable power supply. Get in touch about a UPS or backup power supply, any specialised IT architecture requirements, cabinet solutions for server rooms, networks and fibre rooms, and any IoT solutions – in which a network is embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity for best effect.
Business Consulting
An often underestimated service available through us is that of business consulting. This starts with a discovery phase, where we learn how your business works followed by an evaluation phase where the goal is to identify where a change may be needed to grow the business, increase profits and boost efficiency. The final phase of the process is that of developing solutions to problems and plans to capitalise on opportunities ideally through open and clear communication. If your organisation could use operational assistance or a change in perspective, investing in our business consulting service could be the right choice for you.
Professional Services
Wanting help with any of the professional services that will spur your business on to greater heights? From design to implementation, optimisation of your systems, maintenance and the necessary support required on your IT Infrastructure, we have the manpower in place to organise this for you within a short space of time and at a reasonable cost.