Fibre and Facilities Management


You may think that once fibre has been laid in your area and your business is connected to it, there will never be any downtime. But Murphy’s Law says your internet service provider (ISP) will need to do a key maintenance overhaul on a day when you’re presenting at an international virtual webinar, or when the month-end payment run for staff and contractors needs to be implemented. Just as you may already have installed solar panels on the roof of your building to keep the lights on when a power cut strikes, so Mantella IT can set you up with an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to minimise downtime and maximise productivity within your business, no matter what is going on in the outside world.

Backup & redundant
Power Mangement

With load shedding still a reality for the foreseeable future, companies must have their own Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and also a diesel generator. These work together and are both necessary, as they provide your IT system with emergency power when the mains power fails.

Outside plant
Optic fibre

Our Outside Plant (OSP) fibre-optic cables can withstand the installation and stresses posed by the external environment. Whether you need them for lashed aerial, duct or underground conduits, you can rest assured that our OSP fibre-optic cables meet stringent technical and performance standards.

Inside plant
Optic fibre

Mantella offers one of the broadest product portfolios when it comes to inside plant fibre-optic cables. Inside plant optic fibre forms the backbone of the high-tech networks we install in your office, allowing applications that range from the Local Area Network to the most complex data centre.

Facility Management

It would be foolish for companies to neglect the crucial need for IT facility management. Allow Mantella to give the business comprehensive oversight of your IT infrastructure, from optimising the synergy between your digital assets and workplace facilities to managing the physical environment of your IT infrastructure.

Fire detection &

Prevent fires from devastating your business premises by installing a Fire Detection and Suppression System. Our Fire Detection Systems are made to discover fires early on when there is still enough time for employees to be safely evacuated. Our Suppression Systems, including automatic sprinklers, act to control and inhibit the fire from spreading.

Heating, Ventilation
Air con. (HVAC)

Having a reliable Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is important to ensure that fresh air is circulated in your office building, and those unpleasant odours are removed. The heating system allows air to be warmed up in the cold winter months, while the air conditioning system provides cooler air in the summer months.


Communication towers are prone to normal wear and tear, especially during rainy seasons, and require regular maintenance. Mantella is optimally positioned to take care of all your tower maintenance needs, including regular inspection and any immediate repairs, as well as scheduled maintenance, which involves bigger, more complex fixes.

IT Infrastructure

Allow Mantella to find the latest computing devices, storage and software to catapult your company into 4IR and beyond. We will help you set up servers and cloud computing to modernise your IT infrastructure and take your business to the next level.

Mechanical services

When any of your machines break, we offer mechanical services to fix them on site. Let us take care of all your mechanical troubles by being the first service provider you call when your photocopier or projector breaks just before that all-important board presentation.

Diesel replenishment

To reduce the risk of your backup generator running dry and your UPS failing, we offer all our clients diesel replenishment services. We source our fuel from leading diesel wholesalers, so both our supply and the quality of the diesel are never in question.

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Data centre Design

By partnering with Mantella, your business can design and create a data centre that is both flexible and scalable. We’ll organise the necessary network and storage infrastructure, as well as the right computing resources, to build the best data centre for your business. We’ll also be on hand for all your data-centre maintenance needs.

Solar Energy

With electricity prices in South Africa soaring and energy supply unreliable, it makes sense to invest in solar energy. Allow Mantella to install a solar power system for your business using photovoltaic panels and a solar inverter to convert the sun’s energy from direct to alternating current. After the initial capital investment, your business stands to save lots of money on electricity bills.

Local area network

Mantella will help your company set up a Local Area Network (LAN) that consists of access points, cables, routers and switches to enable devices to connect to web servers and internal servers within your company building, and other LANs through Wide Area Networks (WANs) or Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs).